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An Overview Of Essential Oil Diffuser For The Best Effect You Need To Know

There is no doubt that the essential oil diffuser methods have a lot of healthy effects today. This is the most interesting application for essential oils related to the current oil diffuser. However, essential oils diffused instruments are most commonly used which is both good for health and can be used as decorations for your home. It has the effect of natural essential oils into the air. In this article, the author will list some scent for the essential oil diffuser to fit the different interests and purposes of the users.

Lemon Essential Oil

The Lemon essential oil is known to use to enhance the blood circulation, cleansing oils in the skin, immune very well. On hot summer days with sweating, lemon essential oil is a good choice for you thanks to the cool fragrance, which will uplift your spirits.

In addition, the lemon essential oil helps remove sebum in the skin, good immunity, stimulates mental clarity. Lemon essential oil is able to fight infection and clean the air. Also, it can prevent against antiemetic very well, especially when prepared with mint. After using lemon oil, you should avoid exposure to the sun, after 12 hours, please go out. The scent of lemon has the ability to help people have better mental focus and also helps to reduce 54% of the common mistakes in the office such as daydreaming, distraction, boredom, poor spirit

Menthol Essential Oil

It is capable of purifying and cooling with the scent of strong menthol, which can energize you. Historically, the menthol has been used to treat bad breath, calm the stomach discomfort, abdominal pain, flatulence, headache, indigestion, heartburn. Emotionally, peppermint helps to defuse anger, fatigue and depression. Place a few drops on the back of the neck and shoulders, it will energize you throughout the day. Rub 1-2 drops on your temples, forehead and sinus area (be careful to avoid contact with eyes), it will help to reduce sinus pain and headaches. Diffusion menthol is also able to reduce appetite. Mixed with jojoba oil and apply to the stomach when you are upset. Rub a few drops onto your feet to reduce fever. Use this essential oil to illuminate the site of insect bites itch.

One thing worth mention is that inhale peppermint oil before and after exercise can increase the excitement and less tired. Use the essential oil diffuser in the room to increase the concentration while studying or working. To chase ants, cockroaches or some kinds of rodents, put a few drops of peppermint on cotton balls and place them around the path movement. Then, put 4-5 drops in a spray bottle of water and spray on plants to kill fleas.

Tea Tree Essential Oils

This kind of essential oil can treat bacteria, fungi, viruses and stimulate the immune system. You can give a few drops onto a hot towel and inhale to treat colds, coughs, sunburn, and toothache or to antibacterial. Add 1 drop of moisture on cotton balls and rub on the wart, you will quickly see the results (remember to make moistened cotton as pure Tea tree oil can be too strong for sensitive skin).

Tea tree essential oil can also treat dandruff very well, for the first 3-4 drops in natural shampoo bottle, fragrance (essential oils should not be applied directly to the scalp). Tea tree essential oil works very well with the bacterial infection through the respiratory tract. To help treat sinusitis, put a few drops of hot water into the pot and steam for about 10 minutes. When you give a few drops in a spray bottle, it will help purify the air and antibacterial. Maybe for a few drops of laundry detergent to prevent moldy furniture.

Lemongrass Essential Oil

It helps to keep insects out, purify the air, reduce pain, and relieve stress, antidepressant, and mold. Use lemongrass essential oil to clean your hair, which has fragrant, silky medium and may help protect against the cold season, or less hair loss. Besides, the lemongrass essential oil is also used as a disinfectant, germicidal skin, foot fungus treatment, deodorizing, and also has strong antibacterial, anti-inflammatory throat, and cough. It can make good spirits, relieve stress, and the headaches pain.