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Simple Points You Need To Know To Use A Slow Cooker

It is said that the slow cooker is a new design for our modern life. It helps cooking become easier and bring you more delicious dishes. There have more benefits you will see when using the cooker. Also, if you have accumulated lots of slow cooker reviews you will be also able to operate it in the proper way.

In this article, I will tell you the some main points for using a slow cooker. I feel sure that the information here will be really useful for you.

Main Points You Should Remember

First and foremost, I should give you some important points so that you will understand the pot better. Here are some aspects you have to cover.

Cooking Capacity

You need to know the capacity of the slow cooker in order to estimate suitable amount of food and water in the vessel. As usual, a normal slow cooker can contain 4.5 litter of water or 4.0 litter of liquid even though that is a 6 or more litter slow cooker. It means that you should never pour all the water equivalent to the maximum capacity as advertised.

You should also make sure that all the food will not touch the lid. If you want to make more food for more people, you ought to divide into smaller amounts and make it. Do not try to press the food until the bottom of the cooking vessel. If the amount of food exceeds the maximum level allowed, the food will not be tasty as your expectations.

Electric Source

When you buy the slow cooker, the seller will tell you the compatible electric source with the capacity of the cooker or he will tell you to read the user manual carefully to find out the information about the electric source for this cooker.

Before using the slow cooker, you must check the voltage and the outlet. Make sure that the voltage is compatible otherwise electric accidents will happen and you will be in danger.

In case, the voltage the slow cooker requires does not match the voltage in your house’s outlet you had better not try to continue using the pot. Instead, you should remove the electric cable of the cooker out of the outlet.

The Control Knob

You have to pay more attention to the control knob. It is also known as the cover knob. The knob helps you prevent burning or touching the lid when the slow cooker is still working.

However, you should not touch the control knob and open the lid too much. It is very dangerous for you. When cooking, you had better open the lid once. Remember not to open the lid when the food is boiling and shaking too strongly.

Steps To Operate

In terms of using the slow cooker, you need to follow all the steps as instructed in the user manual. Here are some steps as bellow.

  • Clean the pots and the vessels
  • Make sure all the parts of the slow cooker are dry
  • Put the food into the pot after marinating it (do not marinate the food after putting them into the vessel)
  • Close the lid
  • Connect the electric cable
  • Turn on the cooker to make it work
  • When finishing, unplug the electric cable first and then get the food out

 Bottom Line

This is my own experience since I worked as a chef for a restaurant. My name is Jasmine. The passion for cooking came to me naturally and I fell in love with even the most difficult and complicated recipes. When cooking, I had a lot of problems and I got confused at first, too. However, I was not lazy in searching for new recipes and tips for cooking better. Once I knew that the slow cooker was introduced, I bought it and found it really helpful. Until now, the slow cooker has been with me for so long and it is still the pot I like the most. Therefore, in my own blog, I really want to share with you more tips and tricks to work with this pot. If you meet any difficulty in working with it, I will help you solve the problems.