7 Simple Ways To Clean The Glass Window Effectively

For modern design and architecture, the role of the glass window is can not be replaced because it is the best and most effective way to bring the nature light into your house but still keep it silence. However, keeping the glass window clean is not an easy take because it is easy to left behind some marks from the cleaning process and destroy all the beauty of the window. In this post, I want to share with you 7 ways to clean the glass window effectively and very easy to do with simple tools and familiar ingredients


This is the most simple and effective method for you to clean the glass window which is dirty for long days. To clean all the dirty marks, you just need to use 2 tablespoons of Cornstarch mix with 1 cup of whith vinegar. Mix them all until everything dissolve all, adding some warm water and pour them all into a spray bottle. Spraying the mixture on the glass window and use clean and dry towel to wipe it until clean.

White Wine

White wine or rice wine is the best choice for you with just simple and cheap ingredient in the kitchen for the grass windows which are dirt because of the moisure and dust around the house. If you just use the water to clean ths window, it is hard to wash them all, but if you use the towel which is soaked in with wine, the window will be clean after a few wiping line.

Using Old Newpapers

If you do not know, old newpaper is a very good things for you to use to clean the dirt mark on the surface of the glass. For the common dirt marks on the surface of the glasses, you just need to use the moist newpaper to wipe and clean it, then use the clean towel to finish the cleaning process. The result will not disappointed you


As you know, it is a very familiar type of chemical for girl, which is used the most to clean the nail polish. But there is an other thing that acetone can help you is make the glass window look cleaner and also help you a lot to reduce the washing time as well. This way is the best choice if you want to clean the glass window which is yellow stain and geting dirt from rain water.


If you want to clean the glass window which is near the ceiling, which mean you need the suporting stuff to reach high, there is no better choice than the Squeegees. You just need to deep the Squeegees in the soap water and start to clean the window, remember to wash it in one direction, up and down is the most common and simple one for you to clean the window with this stuff.


As you all know that the vinegar is the good choice to clean the dirt mark in the kitchen, and now you know that there is another function of vinegar is make the glass window clean, especially when the window is soiled by paint. You can use a piece a cloth, deep it in the vingar and wipe on the paint, after a few time, the paint will be wipe down completely.


For the glass window, which is gotten dirt from rain water, the fastest way to clean it all easily is using a cloth bag, put in some salt and gently wipe off all the dirt. The perfect and clean as new window will be shown out soon.