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Some items for your baby before and after born

You must have known the feelings when preparing to be a mother. The feelings anxious and tired when you have a baby and the process of preparing for your children interleave together. The most lovely is the feeling when buying furniture to welcome a small angel. It is the momen when mother waite and eager.

Everyday, seeing lovely baby wear some cute clothes, some cute toys which are bought by the hand of the mother who choose carefully. It is a really happy and have no happy can be comparatieve, and now I will share with you some best pack and play for your children and after that you can buy for your baby.

Walking along around supermarket about the children’s furniture or in some stores for children, mothers will feel vertigo among hundreds of items to welcome your lovely children. From that, mother can hesitate which items they should find and choose to appropriate for baby among a world with many toys in a big system. They are colorful and big, it seems all of them are also necessary for baby.

Howerver, clearly you can’t cary all the items, and to save you money when buying furniture for children, you should ask people some experiences of different mother in some forums, so make a plan about shopping and list some necessary items.

  1. Children’ clothes

At the stage of newly born, the body of baby change about size rapidly, can be said that your children grow up day by day, so buying some items for children, you shouldn’t buy more and more items for children at the first stage, to avoid the circumstance of children haven’t bought all the clothes and it is small compared to th size of children.

For newborn clothes you should prepare 10 pieces, selected buy cotton absorbs sweat roll seam out to their from pain, chest type or chops to fit baby’s chest. These clothes have many different sizes, make sure you select from 01 to 03.

Baby at birth is not brought clothes, which are mainly mothers swaddling, so you do not need to buy many clothes for the baby. When buying clothes you should choose a larger number than the baby’s body to the latter easily closed diapers, notice the rubber band too tight in the waist do not wake the baby’s abdominal skin.

Warm clothing are also needed for the baby, because the mother’s body out, they’ll be cooler, so you can buy a thick coat to keep warm for the baby, do not buy clothes with wool, because of fear wool tiny fly on the nose, throat and endanger the baby’s airways.

Additionally, towels are also essential for the baby, maybe it will rain, so you should not save the buyer about 5 to prevent, this kind of system constraints in supermarkets which are sold with soft material, thickness and quickly drained.

You alos should pay attention to look to buy a small bucket cloths to bathe and wash your face baby, larger cloth type for your children to dry and scarve even when feeding milk, or eat. Bib and hat fontanelle, including for foot, gloves for infant that mother can not forget to buy when go  shopping.

  1. Diapers for chilren

Currently, on the market there are many types of diapers for babies with materials and different shapes. One to two months after birth, the mother is mainly used baby diapers instead of trousers. One day, the mother may have to change the baby no less than 10 times, therefore, you should take the time to “invest” in the purchase of all kinds of baby diapers. With cross diapers you go with cotton or fabric can scale to easily wrap tighter. Nappies to close the baby, in case of not closing nappy bucket, can be used for mother to give baby feed, prevention of mother’ milk can make them wet.

  1. Breastfeeding

For new mothers has raised children firstly, then prepare for breastfeeding difficulties encountered, so the mother can take the initiative, more confidence in breastfeeding, the mother should prepare a small bottle, nipples.

Note the mother should not choose a hard ti hurt her tongue when feeding. For babies up to 1 months, you can use the smallest size, then every 03 months instead different size, you should pay attention to the bottle 1 times. The tools used for cleaning enclosed bottle also indispensable as scouring bottle, wash water bottle. Also jug of milk, water, spoon milk, milk absorbent pads for the mother was fully prepared, if conditions should equip mother milk vacuum to suck the milk that the baby does not suck all.


Choosing Double Strollers For Your Twins

Having twins is very interesting and very happy. Nowadays, having twins is not a strange situation in our life. Therefore, choosing caring products for these same babies is not too difficult for mothers and fathers.

Among so many products, parents should remember to equip their twins with a double stroller which helps to bring babies out for more joy. In this article, I will give you several double stroller reviews so that you will be able to choose suitable item for your babies.

Double Stroller

It is clear that babies ought to go out more often, instead of staying in the room and play in the restricted area. A lot of parents are afraid that some outside factors will harm their babies so they do not want to bring their babies out.

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