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Buying a suitable meat slicer is not an easy task, so youn need to pay a lot of attention for it to the best choice you can. There are many meat slicer reviews on the internet that you can read and learn by yourself, and this one is actually a review, sorry, but well, it is the guidance for helping you to choose the suitable one for your kitchen, hope, you enjoy it.

  1. Level of the slicer in the market.

There are 3 level of working modes that each slicer is designed:

Entry Level Slicers: This is the level that you need to use everyday, simple to use and safe is the advantages of this level even it is not be used to cut the cheese, and for higher capacity, you will need other higher models

Mid-Tier Slicers: This kind of slicer use the bigger blade, stronger horse power to help you to handle the Entry Level Slicers. It is designed to cut vegetable, even you need to use it everyday. In some special cases, you can use it to cut cheese but it is not the advance.

Premium Slicers: This is the highest level of the slicer help you to work with some tough ingredients and with high productivity. It can cut the cheese with a smoothy cut and it also is the product which provide the highest level of accuracy, smoothy of cutting line and safety.

  1. Components of the meat slicer

Product Table: This is the part that you use to place the ingredient such as meat, vegetable, etc. before cut and also the final result. This table is able to remove from the machine to clean and help you to  adjust the place to cut the meat easier.

Pusher: This is the part that help you to keep the ingredient during the cutting process and also is the one which help you to keep your fingers safe. For some modern model of meat slicers, you can remove the pushers in order to clean it easier.

Gauge Plate: This feature is cover the blade and have a adjustment control at the behind of the slicer, help you to control the thickness of the final products.

Sharpener: This it the part which takes the responsibility to maintain the sharpness of the blade during the using time. It help to keep the blade to always in the best working condition and then you do not need to worry about the quality of the blade.

Blade and Blade Guard: as you all know that the blade is the factor which can cut your hand in just a blink, so this feature is help you to reduce the number of accident can happen. Some models allow you to remove the blade, some of them are not, so as my personal opinion, you should choose the one which able to remove this part to help you can clean it easier.

  1. Considerable factors

Horsepower: This is the determinant factor that decide the working quality of the slicer. You should choose the higher Horsepower than what you use to ensure the durability of the meat slider.

Blade Size: there are many different size of the blade, it is designed for different kind of ingredient and using purpose. In the market, you can find the blade with the size from 9 inches to 14 inches, so when choose the meat slider, you need to know what you gonna to cut to choose the suitable size of the blade.

Product Tray Size: the general diameter of this part is from 7 to 12 inches, so if you cut the objects bigger than 12 inches, you will identify what you need before choose the slicer model suit with you.

Manual vs. Automatic: The automatic slider is obviously easier to use and more convenient in the kitchen. In addition, the automatic is provide the better result when the slice is equal and exactly the same with each other. The mannual is help you to control the thickness and size of the ingredient up to your idea.

Motor type: There are 3 types of the motor of the slicer, which are the gear drive, belt driven, and the last type is the combination of gear and belt driven.