Choose to buy a suitable vacuum cleaner for your car

Vacuum is one of the neccesary appliances currently preferred due to significantly reduce the time of cleaning the car. However, in the market there are so many types of vacuum cleaners are you wondering how to choose yet.

The Best Car Vacuum is a vacuum type dust box is placed right in the camera body, battery-operated normally. So handheld vacuum cleaner without dust bellows or separate containers such as vacuum cleaners tree. This type of vacuum cleaners suitable for cleaning in tight spaces, or the things in the room. The car vacuum cleaners may look long to suck the carpet, floor, or rounded to form mini vacuum cleaner on the computer, pillows, and books.

  • Advantage

– Lightweight, flexible, easy to move.

– No interruptions when changing smoking location.

– Smoking is the small items such as computers, desks, bookshelves, car seats, blankets and mattresses.

– Compact, easy take-ranked.


  • Defect

– The attraction is not strong.

– Time smoking is restricted because usually a battery can operate only within a certain time.

Inappropriate smoking on large area.

Each machine has a dust container, can freestanding or located in the camera body. In this box, the dust can be collected through a paper bag, cloth to hold, or plastic box containing dust machine fit together with hopper sizes.

Car vacuum using plastic containers, commonly known as vacuum cleaner bags by not buying more bags do not need to use. Canister easily disassembled and cleaned. However, when using the vacuum cleaner bag is not, the discharge of dust can cause dust lying around, not suitable for people with allergies or asthma.

Vacuum cleaners that use bags require separate purchase additional bag to put in the hopper. After using is finished, you just removed, discarded, and replaced another bag on, very hygienic and fast. You can buy cloth bags, plastic bags or paper bags containing dust depending on demand. Cloth bags often high cost, but more durable. Clean plastic bags, low price, but prone to tearing when hooked up to other devices.


  • Capacity dust chamber

Car vacuum with large capacity dust chamber will bulkier, but if less than the demand, it will be interrupted to discharge dust, or rather a new dust bag while working.

Handheld vacuum cleaners usually have a capacity of less than 0,8L chamber, if required; the 0.5 l cleaning medium is suitable.

The machine has a capacity greater than 1L often and has many functions, suitable for cleaning the dust several locations.

In addition, the family vacuum cleaner with a capacity of 1-2L.

  • Capacity

Car vacuum usually have two types of power: The power capacity of the machine and suction.

The engine capacity of the vacuum cleaner is calculated as the product between the air flow drawn into the dust-collecting chamber (m3 / min, or l / s, m3 / h …) with the suction pressure in the cavity (mm water column, mm / H20 or mbar …), while the maximum air flow, the suction pressure to minimum and vice versa. This power does not represent the cleaning ability of the vacuum cleaner; higher capacity machines consume as much power.

New suction capacity is only shown the ability to suction. This capacity many times smaller than engine power. When buying a car vacuum, sucking power to check, because the higher power stronger gravity.

With a vacuum cleaner for domestic use, can be quickly sucked the entire room, so choose a plant with a capacity of about 300W or more suction.

In addition, if you need to use the vacuum cleaner for furniture, mattresses car, pillows, computer … you should choose a portable vacuum cleaner, usually smaller capacity, about 100-250W is appropriate.

  • Noise level

Often with a capacity greater, the higher the noise level. With the elderly and families with children, should give priority to the low-noise machines, should not exceed 77dB.

  • The type of filter

Micro Filters are usually equipped with a filter in the vacuum cleaner mini portable vacuum cleaner or a simple, easy to disassemble for cleaning or replacement. This filter is suitable when there is no need for vacuuming. Micro Filters is one of the most advanced filtration, to remove 99.5% of particles, allowing particles 2 microns in size or smaller to pass through.