Cleaning Tips For Fast Housework

How to clean your house in short time and spend the time for other jobs is the mission that all the housewives want to achieve. There are a lot of things in your house that you can use to help you in term of house cleaning, to remove the dirt marks easier and faster. So that, in this post, I want to show you the way to use those ingredients, which are available in your house to help you to cleaning more effective.

Using The Dryer To Clean The Wall

In most of the house, the wall is the ‘begrudged’ painting paper for your kids and then, for just a few day, there is no more clean space on the wall for you to see. To solve this problem, the most effective solution for you is use the eraser to remove all the marks and then use the dryer, put it on the wind mode and blow all the leftover dirt on the wall. The clean wall will come back to your house soon. To make sure that you can remove all the dirt, you can use the clean and dried cloth to wipe off the wall again to ensure the quality and check if the wall clean.

Sinks And Toilet Unclog: The Power Of Salt And Baking Soda

The power of salt and baking soda is not a new news in term of house cleaning and help to remove all the dirt on any surface. But there are another use of these ingredient that not all of you know about is to unlog the sink and toilet. Especially for the case of the sink, which is easy to beobstructed because of grease. You can use the mixture of salt and baking soda, the perfect proportion is 2 salt for 8 baking soda, pour this dry mixture directly in the sink and toilet, then use the hot water to clean the rest. You can get out the unclog trouble easily and do not be worry for the next trouble.

Dryer: The Enemy Of Candle Wax

The candle is one of my favorite thing in house decorating and to create the rematic area with your love. However, the common trouble that people easily get in when use the candle is the candle was. It can drop on the floor and your furniture surface, so you must take time to take it all out without damage the structure of the furniture. There is one way more effective and faster for you to remove all the candle wax is use the dryer. Put the dryer on the hot blowing mode and blow on the candle wax, it helps to make the candle wax softer, when they are all melt, you can use the tissue to wipe them off and clean the surface easily without destroy the furniture.

Lemon juice And Baking Soda: Removing The Rust

On the surface of the furniture such as the sink or shower, it can easily to be rusted because they are usually have to work with water. So that, you can use the mixture of baking soda and lemon juice, rub the surface of the furniture, wait for a few second and then all you need to do is lightly use the cloth to wipe all the rust off.