Nowadays, people have thought of a lot of ideas for facilitating their living rooms. The styles for decorating are also various. Many people are very sensitive in decorating and arranging the living room while others feel very confused on the grounds that they do not understand the decorative principles. In addition to modern devices, in many modern houses, people still equip the best ceiling fans as it can perform it functions to cool the room as well as to decorate. In this article, we will make it clearer in terms of choosing ceiling fan and the arrangement of living room furniture.

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  1. Tips for choosing a ceiling fan

As you know these days, a fan is not simply a rustic kind of furniture which is responsible for reducing temperature of the room under the hot weather of the summer. The fan nowadays is vaired and designed to be very attractive and sophisticated. There are also a lot of other functions integrated into a ceiling fan. Apart from this, the demands of humand beings are becoming more diverse so they not only expect the fan to cool the room but also hope that it will become a focal or an impressive point for the room.

Several families choose the ceiling fan of large capacity which can generate strong wind flow but these types often release a lot of noise, which is very irritative to the homeowners. Therefore, manufacuturers have produced new modern model of fans which can reduce the intense of the noise and have adjustable speed.

In the market now, there are a large number of ceiling fans with attractive designs and outstanding functions. In addition, the price is reasonable. To buy a good fan at reasonable price, you had better look for the discount campaigns of several prestigious brands on the grounds that thanks to such campaigns, you can choose the best one at lower price that you can still afford.

As said above, nowadays, a fan can present more functions rather than just cooling. A lot of families who want to save money and space often choose the light – ceiling fan. What does the fan look like? As its name, the celing fans have wings (often three to four wings) and a system of lights integrated. The design looks very attractive and luxurious. Moreover, the wings of the fans now are very sophisticated. Therefore, you can choose the most eye – catching fan to you.

  1. Other furniture

In every family, the living room should be decorated the most luxurious on the grounds that you will meet your guests in this room. Therefore, you have to understand the room’s area and directions so that you can choose the suitable furniture and arrange them. Here are more detailed instructions for you to know what you should equip in your living room.

  • Measure the space

Measuring the space of the living room is very important. This will help you to devide the space accurately and suitably so that you will know how large the space is for the table set, how large the space is for shelves of decorations and so forth.

  • Define the style

Defining the style is also essential. Before you equip your living room, you ought to know what style you are interested in and what model you are pursuing. You will have to give you assessment about the color, the color combination of the walls and the floor to know the style of the room. By doing this, you will be able to choose the style for the furniture.

  • A set of furniture

The furniture that a living room should have is a set of table, flower vase, a television, window curtain and a shelf. Of course, a set of table is indispensable. You can choose the sofa set or a rustic wooden set. Each set expresses a different style. Next, about the television, you should have a T.V so that you and your guests can watch your favorite programs in this room. Furthermore, you had better put a flower vase on the table to make the room look lively or you can grow a small bonsai tree in the room. This will make it greener.