How To Deodorant Musty Smells Out Of Different Room In Your House

The environment moisure is the biggest problem of themusty smell in your room and this also is the reason which cause the mold in your house. The mold is not only affect to the look of the house but also can cause some serious diseases for your family and affect to the life quality of you.

The hardest time is the raining season , when everything is easily to get wet and the moisure propotion of environment is very high. In order to help you to keep your house clean and fresh in this time, in this post, I want to share with you some tips to keep each part of your house stay away from the musty smells.

The Living Room

The living room is the part of the house where you hard to control the smell here because this is the place to welcome guests and you know, it is usually has smoke smell. This smell and musty smell will be your family nightmare so you have to find some way to keep them away from the smells and give them the new and fresh breathes. There are various ways for you such as using the scented candlelight or placing a piece of clothes which is deeped in vinegar in the room for a few hours, it can help to remove all of the smell of the room.

In addition, you can place some flower vase in the room to help to bring the fresh smell into the room. If you like to used different type of smell for the living room, you can use the nebulizer and use some drops of flower oil in. Or if you want to keep the room dry, you can use the towel, drop some oil and put them in the back of sofa or in the cushion, it can help a lot to keep the room smell good


This is the place for you to relax, so if the musty smell is appear in this room, it can affect to the sleep quality of you and then affect to the working quality of the next day. Therefore, keeping the smell in the bedroom fresh is the important mission for you and your husband. In addition, the smell in the bedroom need to be light and sweet so the best choices for you are the dried perfume, or dried flower bags in the room, on the table or in the corner of bed and closet. The best choices of smell for the bedroom that you should choose to ensure the sleep quality are jasmine, lavender, vanilla.

Dining Room And Kitchen

This is the place where has the most strange smells the house. Therefore, this is the place that you need to pay more attention the most in the house to make sure that it is not affect to other area in the house. In the cooking time, you should open the ventilators to hood all the smell of foods out of the room. After cooking time, it is easy to have the smell leftover, so you can use roasted coffee beans, place them in the corners of the kitchen to absorb the smells.

Burning orange, lime, or grapefruit peels in the kitchen also is one of the most effective and convenient way to remove all the smell in the kitchen and also clean. You also can place some plants in the kitchen to help to absorb the smells in the kitchen, you can choose the ferns or cactus to grow in the kitchen.