How To Make Your House Look Neaty and Tidy

People nowaday spend most of their time for working and entertaining, therefore, they do not want to use their time for cleaning or taking care of the house. With many people, the time for relax and entertaining is more important than anythng. The most common solution for most of people is hiring the services company to ensure the cleaning of the house, but it also cause many trouble that you can not think about.

The best method for you is that you just need to spend about 15 to 20 minutes each day for cleaning but remember, it is each day. It can help you to know what is going on with your house and do not cumulate and become a huge problem, which make you feel uncomfortable when think that you have to do all of them.

There are some commom tips which are simple but really effective for you to do everyday and keep you house clean

Using Different Clothes Basket

This is a very common and famous choice of many family if their house has various room. You can use the space of the stairs to place the basket and keep it stable by using the mounted the stick it on the ground or on the wall. But you should remember to choose the type which you can lift it easier to take it to the launry room.

The basket is not only helpful in term of holding dirty clothes but also can be used to take the clean clothes back to each room and allow your baby to help you in this work. One tips for you to make the basket more interesting to use is name them with your family member name, so you can know the owner of the basket and ask them to do their job to clean it.

Garage Cleaning Tips

Garage is one of the place in the house which is easiest to become a mess and dirty. The size of the garage is different so choosing the method also different. Nevertheless, in this post, I want to share with you some tips to keep the garage cleaner and tidier. Firstly, you can use the tube on the ceiling of garage, hanging some bars over the and use them as the normal hanging bar.

This also is the best place for you to hang the long objects in the garage such as the shovels, sticks, or the ladders. Secondly, the space on the wall of the garage is the best place for you to hang the fixing tools on to make sure that you can find them easily and do not let them mess up with other things in the garage.

Man Accessories Hangers

Woman have a lot of different types of accessories and mam is not less than that. There are various things such as the cravat, belt, or brooches need to have separate place to storage them to make sure that they do not get any scratches and easy to find. The hanger, again, showing that it is always the best choice for people in term of keep the house clean. You can use some hanging hooks to keep the ties and belt without damage its struture and shape. You should arrange them follow the corlor flows to help you can choose the right one easier.

High Heels Hanging

Shoes can make any women driving to crazy road and there is no way to turn back if you have felt in love with them. Just kidding. But the fact is that, for each women, there is no way for them to have less than 5 pair of high heels, just high heels at home. Therefore, it is a problems for you to storage them just on the ground because it can take a lot of space.

The tip here is using the crown molding to hang the shoes. For old picture frame, you can use them and molding them on the wall, it allows you to hang a lot of shoes on without taking too much of space. Moreover, this way also help you to keep the shoes always in the right form and do not have chance for them to stay on each other.