List Of The Greatest Milk Frothers On The Market

It can be said that in the modern life, the demand for using the advanced technology is becoming more and more common, particularly the home accessories. Among these tools, the milk frother is considered as one of the indispensible machine for all the family.

To support for the consumers easily in terms of choosing the best milk frother, this section today will cover the most typical milk frother lines.

The Automatic Milk Frother

The General Information About The Product

Brand: Cino

Warranty: 1 year

Origin: Made in China

META Price: 800$ (Include VAT)

Market price: 900$

Milk automatic machine has two functions including foaming milk and warming milk automatically. Combined with a compact espresso machine, you can concoct Cappuccino, Coffee Latte, Matcha. It is said that the milk frother machine can be able to operate simply and automatically with just single button within the short preparing time.

The milk frother machine is suitable to use at home or in cafes restaurant. The machine has a compact design, and heat-resistant handle which can be able to substrate and rotate 360 degrees. The cap is designed clearly so as to help you observe the whole process of foaming milk.

Specifications Of Automatic Milk Frother:

Power: 500W

Voltage: 220 – 240V / 50 – 60Hz

Dimensions (height x width): 15,7cm x 11cm

Function: warm foaming milk and milk

Material casing: stainless steel. Inside a milk shed stick coating makes it easy to clean.

Power cord length: 0.7m

Empire Electric rotate 360 degrees

The Structure Of The Automatic Milk Frother

The device consists of the following modules:

Lid glass

Seal Silicon

The maximum milk



On / off

Imperial Power

First foaming

First heat

The 2178 EP Milk Frother

The General Information About The 2178 EP Milk Frother

It is reviewed that it is one of the most versatile and intelligent device on the market today, which is suitable for those with busy work who are interested in mixed drinks made from raw cacao, such as hot cocoa, hot milk cocoa, cocoa stone, stone milk cocoa.

With the 2178 EP machine, you can challenge yourself a great cup of delicious drinks without having to go to the pub, but you also have an organizational machine posted especially you can use the machine to warm up the milk for baby.

The Outstanding Features Of The Device

Actually, the conventional process of making mixed drink with milk will be carried based on the following steps

Put directly cocoa into the boiling water. It is said that there is no heating process when taking this step.

This is the handmade time-consuming and error techniques. The process of frothering incorrectly will make cocoa powder dissolved in water or milk remains

The cup of mixed drink cannot rise the smell of milk

Milk is not completely dissolved in the water to lose the smell of milk about 2 minutes apart will be separated into two layers.

However, if consumers deploy the milk forther machine, it is estimated that they can be able to reduce the time for frothering as well as enhance the quality of the final product. Here are the steps to make the mixed drinks with the milk frother.

Pour the cool the water to have the heating from low temperature to high temperature

The machine will continuously operate from 1 -2 minutes so the milk will easily dissolve in the water.

It is said that the machine can be able to create the smooth power which can contributes to enhance the scent of the milk.

The Cup Of Milk Will Not Be Peeled After Being Cool.

Through the above comparison, it is said that with the EP2178 milk frother, the process of furthering milk will be surprisingly simple, and which can help the users save time, while also save energy.

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