The Easy Tips To Own The Best Sump Pump

Nowadays, sump pump has become indispensable equipment of many families to solve the flooding problems for their basement. This pump has many applications in practice from industrial to commercial fields but the most popular application of it is still to solve flooding problems for basement. With the best sump pump 2016; your basement will never have trouble with flooding. In this article, we will introduce some notes that you should consider when choosing this product.

Kind Of Sump Pump

Firstly, you need to know that there are many brands of this product on the market and each brand will have many different models but basically, there are only two main kinds of sump pump that are pedestal and submersible sump pump therein each kind will have own pros and cons to suit with different usage purpose. Firstly is pedestal sump pump. High durability can be considered as one of the biggest pros of pedestal sump pump. Normally, a pedestal sump pump can operate well about 10 to 20 years therein this time at submersible sump pump is shorter (about 5 to 15 years). In addition, price of this kind is also cheaper than submersible sump pump.

Not like other normal pumps, submersible sump pump is designed with ability to operate under water. Some models also have ability to operate both over ground and under water therefore this kind is very convenient and flexible. In order to operate under water, motor of submersible will be designed entirely inside the shell of pump and shell of pump has function to prevent water pervading into motor in operational process. Most of submersible sump pumps operate based on electric energy. This kind also has own cons therein as mentioned above, durability of it is not good because it operates under water therefore it will be easy to be corrosive. In addition, because operational environment of this kind is under water therefore it is really hard to approach for maintenance or repairing when necessary and finally price of it is also higher compared with pedestal sump pump.

Operational Principle

If we classify sump pump based on operational principle then there are still two main kinds of this product that are manual and automatic sump pump. Therein, with the manual sump pump, you will have to turn on and turn off sump pump to control its operation and with the automatic sump pump, everything will be automatic. The automatic sump pump will be designed with a switch linking with float of sump pump and when float of sump pump at suitable position then switch will automatically turn on or turn off without needing any manipulation of user. Automatic switch can be pressure switch, low level pressure switch, float switch and so on.

Technical Parameter Of Sump Pump

Technical parameter is also the important factors which you need to consider when choosing this product. Firstly is power of sump pump. Power of sump pump is not the same. This parameter changes depending on manufacturer, kind of sump pump as well as usage purpose. Normally, power of sump pump will be about from 0.25 horsepower and more. You should choose power of sump pump based on amount of water as well as flooding level in your basement. Next is head pressure. Head pressure of a sump pump is the maximum height that this pump can move water. For example, a sump pump with 4.6 meters head pressure will be able to life water up 4.6 meters before water fall down. You should choose head pressure of sump pump based on distance between position that you install pump with position that you will release water to outside.

Next is phase and voltage. Normally, sump pump will be designed to operate under alternating current with one or three phase motors therein voltage will be 110-120, 220-240 or 460 V. Finally is backup and alarm system of sump pump. Some sump pump can be designed without this system to reduce cost of production but this system is very necessary and important in operational process of sump pump therefore you should choose the sump pump with system instead of choosing cheap product to save a bit of money.