The Selection Of Bench Vise

For many people bench vise sounds like a very basic tool which has the same features and designs so they do not need to search much information about this product. However, it is not true. There are a variety of bench vises with different features and characteristics. Therefore, to choose the one which is the best bench vise and most suitable for your work, you really need to better your knowledge and collect enough information to have a good selection.

In this paper I will share with you some effective ways to choose a good bench vise which can match with your work requirement and bring the highest efficiency and effectiveness.

How To Select An Appropriate Vise

  • Begin by defining if you want to have a vise rotate or not. Does it need to be equipped with swivel 360 or 180 degrees?
  • Does the vise need a pipe jaw?
  • What type of work do you want to apply the vise?

When you have found the answers to these questions, you can begin to search for the suitable bench vise. You should look through these criteria of a bench vise whenever find one product to make sure that you get the right one.

How Much Is The Bench Vise?

Like all the other tools, there are a lot of price ranges for different types of vises. More than 20 companies are selling vises in the USA with a variety of producers; there for it is a piece of cake for you to get a vise with the suitable price that you are willing to pay for. However, you need to make sure that when you are purchasing the vise, you can understand what exactly what you really want and need. One thing you should bear in mind is that the cheap product may have some potential risk like low quality, low duration and low protection. Because you may unfortunately choose a product from an unknown manufacturer, you’d better to read information of the product carefully to guarantee the origin of the product. It is better for you to check the price of the product on the websites in advance and then make a comparison between them based on both price and quality so that you can have the best purchase.

Taking Care Of The Vise After Purchasing

It is really simple for you to take care of the vise. The most vital thing that you need to care your vise is for keeping your tool always being lubricated. You have to keep it as much new as possible to make sure that you can open and close the screw and bar smoothly. There are a lot of products which can support you while maintaining the vise such as Graphite lubricant. One of its biggest benefits is that it can reduce friction and allow the vise to have a smooth operation. Besides, you can make use of basic grease or the other lubricants.

Another thing that you have to do to maintain the bench vise is keeping it dry. It is really of importance because the vise is made of steel or iron therefore it can be rusted when exposing to water. To avoid this damage, you can make a choice of a weather-resistant vise; however after a long time using, this vise still rust and cannot be easily maintained. Since people often mount the vise on the back of the truck so it is better for them to use a plastic bag to cover the vise when it is raining.

One of the most reputable producers of bench vise’s cover is Visok. This specialized product will help you to cover the vise all the time to set a limit on the impact of weather like temperature, water and sunshine on the bench vises. To protect your vise and prolong its life span you should frequently apply grease and some specialized products for rust-prevention. Another way that I recommend you to apply to keep your vise away from rusting is drying the vise of with a rag.

For more information about the product and the ways to maintain your product well, you can feel free to contact to us.