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- Hey guys. How's it going? Today we are unboxing something super exciting and it is one of my most favorite things to test out. This is the new Mophie XXL USB-C charger. What's extremely exciting about this one is that its USB-C and there's enough power in here to charge a MacBook. A MacBook that of course charges with USB-C. So we're gonna test that out, see if it works. But first, we have to do the unboxing. I can't wait to try this out. So, let's open it up. Take a look. We've got some things, the amount of extra battery you'll receive depends on a variety of factors that are different for every user. That is very, very true. Aaaahhhh. Look at this guys. Unfortunately, you can't feel this because it's a guide. But it is way different than any of the other Mophie's that I've had because it feels like a, I don't even know what to explain. It's kind of like a felt, but it's like a weird feel. (sniff) Doesn't have a smell. It's interesting because most of the other Mophie's that I have, I've never felt one that feels like its got a little bit of like, it feels like a sweatshirt around it, but its completely covered in this fabric which is actually kind of nice because this is something that you're going to be using most likely on your desk with your MacBook. So, it's something that won't slide around. Whereas some of the other Mophies, I mean, I guess they don't really slide around either. But this slides around way less than the others. So these are a few of my other favorite Mophies. This one has pretty much gotten me by for the past couple of years. This is the Mophie 8X charger. This one is 15,000 milliamps and this new one is, which is interesting, because when I first read the pre-release of this, it was like 21,000 I think. But now it looks like its clocked at 19,500. There's a little sticker over top of it. So perhaps this changed in later testings. At that rate, that'll give you 14+ hours on your MacBook, 20 hours on iPad Air 2, and 100 hours on your iPhone. Something else to note is, obviously if your phone or your MacBook is off, it's going to charge at a much faster rate. So if you are desperate, either shut your phone off, put it in airplane mode, but do shut your MacBook off if you are desperate for a fast charge. It looks like we've got two bars already on this guy. Two different ports here. We've got our USB-C and our regular USB which we're most familiar with. And here is the fabric finish. I wish that you could touch it, but you can't. There's a little button to show how much we're charged. So I have a how to charge macbook pro without charger
how to charge macbook pro without charger
few other comparison Mophies here. This is another one of their USB ones which I've also been using quite a lot. So we have 10,000, 15,000, 3,020. I really like this line of the power stations because they have a built-in USB cable. So we've got this little thing pops off so it gives you a USB-micro and this little converter, converts to lightning. And then it just goes right in like this. Charges through USB-micro, the only downfall of some of the smaller ones is they don't have another USB port. So you basically have to charge it using the built-in cable. This one, I'm still in love with. Even though it's the size of an iPad Mini. I just like that it's super flat so a lot of the backpacks that I have, I can just kinda slide this nicely in and fit a lot of things around it. But all things considered, this one is, I mean, it is much bigger, it's also a lot thicker. It's got a premium fabric wrap. That's what they're calling it. Anything else I should know? (mumbling) Guess not. This is retailing for $150, which is about the same price as this one. Lets see what else is inside this box. We've got a USB-C to USB-C. Our basic USB to a basic USB-C. I think that's all we've got in here. But now for the real test. Will this little Mophie charge my MacBook? Plug it in here to our USB-C. Then plug it in here. Listen for it. (beep) Do you know what that sound is? That sound means, oh baby, we're charging. And I'm happy about it. I feel like this is going to be a great thing for planes, for traveling, in the car. One of the things that I'm going to be curious is to see how much a full battery of this will actually charge my MacBook. So I will try that out and give you maybe guys an update on Twitter, or Instagram, or wherever it is that you follow me. That that information may be easy to get across. Or maybe even in a vlog. Who knows? This thing is pretty cool and I'm super excited about it. I'm not sure how I feel about the fabric. It's very different than all of the previous models. But what I will say, is it looks really, really good. Like, look how nice this looks. It's incredible. Great work Mophie. Let me know what you guys think. What battery chargers do you use for your external devices? I would love to know. And let me know how many milliamps it is. And if you're not sure where to find that, most of them just say on the back where the small, little, tiny, fine text is. I'll see you guys on my next guide. Bye. (upbeat music)