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Understanding how to work with Files and Folders is an important part of managing the information on your computer. As you accumulate more files on your computer over time, you’ll need to create new folders to help keep things organized. To create a folder on your desktop, right click, and select New Folder. Then type a name for your folder. And if you want to, you can rename the folder at any time. Click the folder once to select it, then press Enter on your keyboard. The folder name will be highlighted, just begin typing to rename the folder. You can even create folders within other folders to organize things further. Double click a folder to open it. Once the folder is open, you can create another folder inside it by following the same steps as before. Just right click, select New Folder, then give the folder a name. OS Ten also allows you to label, or Tag, files and folders. Tagging is essentially just a way to color code files and folders by different categories so you can find them quickly. To add a Tag, right click the file or folder, then just select the desired tag. If you have a folder you use frequently, you can save time by creating a shortcut (also called an alias) on the desktop. This way, any time you want to use it, you can simply double-click the shortcut and the folder will open. To create how to copy paste on macbook
how to copy paste on macbook
a shortcut, you’ll need to hold down two keys on your keyboard at the same time. Hold down the Option and Command keys, then click and drag the folder to the desktop. When you release the mouse, the shortcut will be created. The icon will have a small arrow indicating that it is a shortcut.   And once you have some folders, you can begin moving files into them. For example, I can move one file by clicking and dragging it onto the icon where I want it to be stored. Or I can move multiple files by clicking and dragging my mouse to select the files, and the clicking and dragging the group onto the icon where I want them to be stored. If you want to remove some of the clutter from your computer, you can delete files and folders you don’t need. Just click and drag the file or folder onto the trash icon. Moving files or folders to the Trash won’t permanently delete them, it’s just sort of like temporary storage for the things you know you want to delete later. Then when you’re sure you want to permanently delete the files and folders, you can empty the Trash. To empty the Trash, right click the Trash icon, then select Empty Trash. All of the files in the Trash will be permanently deleted. With a little bit of practice, you’ll get the hang of managing files and folders in no time.