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In this guide, I'm gonna show you how you could burn a DVD on a Mac. And I'll show you a couple of different ways. One is gonna be a data DVD that you could just make through finder. and the other one is gonna be a DVD that's gonna be read on DVD players. Data DVDs are not gonna be able to be played on DVD players and a lot of people make this mistake. So I'll show you both ways so you know which one is which. First thing you want to do is you want to connect your external DVD burner on to your computer. I have mine connected right now. Next you want to put a Blank DVD onto your DVD burner. So I have a DVD - R, a Memorex brand. I'm gonna put that in here, and I'm gonna put a link to the description to the Burner I use and to the blank DVDs if you don't have one yet. This pop-up is gonna pop up when the DVDS recognized a Blank DVD. If you don't see this, just make sure that DVD is blank. So now what we want to do is over here, we want to open finder. We're just gonna press ok here. You should see something like this, so I have untitled DVD here. It should pop up in your finder just like this, a blank page that should say untitled DVD. I've done this a couple of times right now. So this is on title DVD 2 and what I want to do is I want to burn this guide file. This is an MP4 file, so all I got to do is drag it over here and drop it right here. And then I just got a press burn. You should have a burn item here if it's a recordable DVD. Again make sure it's DVD-R. I'm gonna press burn and then you could title your DVD here and then over here, I usually don't choose the burn speed to be the maximum speed of the DVD. I choose somewhere in the middle, actually the slower the better the compatibility of the DVD is, so usually I choose a slower speed even though it does take longer. It's gonna be more compatible on other machines. Then you just press burn. This is a slideshow, so it's only gonna take a couple of minutes. It's pretty short, three minutes. But obviously if you have a longer movie, it's gonna take much longer. Okay, so the burning is done. I did get an error message that it can be verified. That's okay, and as you could see, it's built a folder right here. So this is the folder of my burned clip and if I control click on this, I could still burn it again. It's just pressing this, but this is how it created that folder, because I used finder to create it. I'm just gonna close it off and show you happen, see it launched a DVD here and if I double-click this, that guide file is right here, but again, it's not gonna be playable with a DVD player. So if I use the DVD player, and if I try to read this DVD, I could just go here and I could select that DVD right here. And I press ok, it's not gonna be able to read that DVD. It is not a playable DVD. It's a data DVD, so you could use it in any computer you want, but not a DVD player. Now let's go to show you how to do that on a DVD player. I'm just gonna eject this DVD, command is gonna eject this DVD, so to burn this as a playable DVD, you need another software. You can't do this with finder and the software I use is just called burn, so type in burning Google or check out the link in the description to this. It's a completely free software. You could use as many times as you like. So you'll go over here and download the 64 bit version and when you downloads, go how to eject disc from macbook pro
how to eject disc from macbook pro
ahead and open it up open up the folder and this is the folder that opens up and if you double-click on burn, because it's a third party app the first time, it's not Gonna allow you to open it. So what you got to do is come and click and just say open this way. This way is gonna let you open it, if it's the first time you're opening it. So now that you have it opened, here is the different options you have, Data DVD, Audio/guide. So data DVD you could do through finder. I showed you how to do that in the previous section. guide DVD is what we want and we want to change this to be DVD guide. So guide, DVD guide and now you could just bring your guide file right over here, just drag and drop. And it's gonna ask you to convert. That's fine. I'll just convert to what it wants it to be and it's gonna ask me for a save location. I'll just pick my desktop and region, this is a NTSC in the US. Pal is for Europe. So I'm gonna choose that, press choose, and now it's gonna encode my file. That's fine. It's doing that in the background, and then we'll get to the burning process. Now I'm assuming you're doing this with a movie that you own. If you have ripped a movie, a DVD, a movie, they might have copyright issues on them, so this is not going to work for you. This is if you created a film, a slideshow, anything like that what I'm using it for. Obviously if you don't have permission to burn the DVD, this is not the way to do it. Okay, now that the encoding is done, you could just go ahead and title your DVD to whatever you want and now, I could just press burn. And over here, you have options to loop, so if I want to loop the slideshow which I do, I could click that. Otherwise you could just use the DVD theme. I'm just gonna check that off. I just want this to autoplay and loop. One more thing to note is when you drag your movie file right here, look at the total file size. It's got to be under 4.7 gigs, because that's the size of a DVD. Now if you're using blu-ray, it's much bigger, but if you're using a DVD, it's 4.7. So this is obviously way way smaller than that. But make sure if you're doing a two hour movie for example that it fits here. If it doesn't, you gotta use another software to compress it down to fit your DVD and now I'm just gonna press burn. So I'm gonna put in a blank DVD and over here again with the speed, I'm gonna choose somewhere in the middle here to make it more compatible with more DVD players, ready to burn, press burn. So now you could launch DVD player. It should be a default on your Mac. I'm just gonna launch that. Sometimes the auto launches. And it should auto play the DVD for you. Your DVD should look like this, if you open it up, it should have an audio TS and a guide TS. Before, it was a data DVD, so it wasn't created this way. So when it's created like this, a DVD player can actually read it. Now make sure you check this DVD and play it on a different DVD player just to test out that it's working fine. Again just to recap, there is a way to do Data DVD with finder and there is a way to do a playable DVD on a DVD burner with the program burn. Again take a look at the description for anything that I use in this guide like the DVD burner and the Blank DVDs. Please give this guide a thumbs up if it helped you and share to the channel for a lot more videos just like this one. Thank you for reading and I hope to see you on the next guide.