Download Our Addon To Get Rid Of Other Storage On Mac

Is your startup disk full? Are you seeing this message when you boot up your computer? Well stay tuned, because in this guide we’re going to show you the solution that doesn’t involved expensive software or a new hard drive for your computer. You might have already asked yourself the question: What is the startup disk? The simple answer is the startup disk is the computer’s internal hard drive, or where all of your data: documents, pictures, movies, music, applications are stored. So, if we’re seeing this error message, our hard drive is full and we need to remove something in order to resolve this issue. So the question is: where is that something that is taking up space on your computer? Well for most people, most of this stuff is going to be in their user folder. To get there, make sure you’re on the desktop, and then click “Go” on the menu bar. In the “Go” menu you should see “Home”. If you click on home, you’ll see a new Finder window with your user folder. The user folder is where all of the data on your computer is stored. The exception to this would be applications, but for the most part, data that’s going to be taking up a lot of space that you have the control to delete is going to be in this folder. But how do we find the largest files, and therefore know what to delete to free up space on our computer. Well to do that, make sure that “List View” is selected on the top of the Finder window - that’s this button here. And also, make sure that if you click on this gear how to get rid of other storage on mac
how to get rid of other storage on mac
icon and go to “Show View Options” that you have "Calculate All Sizes" and “Show Library Folder” selected. So you can check or un-check them, we want them checked. You can then close that window and you’ll see all of the folders in your user folder in a list and size should be one of those options, and if you click on the top of this list it will sort the list from largest to smallest. The reason we want to do this is that if our goal is to free up hard drive space on our computer, and get rid of that “Startup disk is full” message, we want to ideally start with the largest files possible. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to delete thousands of very small files using expensive extra software, if there’s one or two movies or TV shows we can remove that will resolve the issue right away. Now that we have our list sorted with the largest files at the top, we double tap on that folder which happens to be the movies folder, we select this folder “Huge Movie Files” and we go Command-Delete on our keyboard, and it goes down to the trash. We can then click on the trash and say empty, and that should resolve our issue with our startup disk being full without extra expensive software or buying a new hard drive for our computer. Thank you so much. Make sure to click share for all of our latest updates. And for an exclusive offer just to our YouTube audience click the link below to save you over 60% off of our latest course on Udemy. Thank you so much!