Download Our Addon To Remove Stickers From Macbook

*intro music* Hi everyone, Aaron here for Zollotech and I wanted to show you what it's like to remove a skin from your phone. I have been using a d-brand skin on this phone and actually my previous phone, this is an iPhone 6s Plus. I used it on my iPhone 6 Plus. Really love their skins but sometimes you need to remove it, whether that be it's all cut up or damaged or you want to replace it with a different colour. Anyone of of those reasons and I thought I would show you what it's like to remove it and what it leaves behind, if anything. So let's go ahead and start down here, we have got 3 different pieces, and this is 3M based tape so it should be pretty simple to remove. Now one of the bad things about this, is you are going to ruin this when you remove it. so if you look here, Right up here you'll see it kind-of crinkles up and its pretty well shot once you remove it. Now theese are the easy parts to remove, so if we remove this top and bottom here we get underneath it and it takes a little bit of digging there with your nail to get underneath it. just get underneath it and pull along, you don't have to go too fast, but it ripped right here which i expected it stuck on there pretty good and these hold up really well depending on which skin you get they'll all look a bit different and have different textures, but this is actually the the just the matte black one. and it seems to hold up really well so you could stick with that fit that look if you like but to peel it off the rest of the phone this is where it gets tricky because this is the the bigger part of the the actual skin so if you just work it around here like this it's stuck on here pretty good now we probably could make this a little bit easier if we heat it up a little bit but most people probably won't bother too much with that here we go and this comes off with quite a bit of force when you start to pull but wanted to show you if it leaves a residue or anything like that so we'll keep pulling working around this edge here most of how to remove stickers from macbook
how to remove stickers from macbook
the skins do take an awful lot of force to remove and that's good and bad obviously keeps it stuck to the phone but it doesn't seem to be leaving a whole lot of residue on the surface which is nice also so let's move it around this side if i just kinda wabble it back and forth as i remove it it seems to help now this is probably i don't know how much force this is if i can measure it's probably 34-40 pounds worth of force at point if i just grabbed it and pulled it's a lot of force to remove this okay we've got it off that far now we've just got a little bit of left over here there we go and as far as residue we do have a little bit right here right there look see if we can rub that off usually this sort of residue just rubs right of the phone and thats it it looks pretty good it's protected my phone well i actually had some cuffs down here you can see in the corners just from everyday use without the skin so this skin protected it nicely left this piece kinda grungy looking but we can just wipe that off later and it should look just fine so let me go ahead and clean it up and we'll take a look at it i cleaned up the iPhone i just used some spray i had with a micro fiber cloth it cleaned up nicely and looks just like it did before i put the skin on so i did have the wear like i said and a little bit of wear here on the camera ring but that's just from everyday use and setting the phone down however it looks just like it did before i put this skin on so just take your time and remove it but you'll never be able to use it again you'll have to purchase another one if you want one and these are pretty inexpensive or you could just go with the case for a while if you've used one of these and you've had different experiences as far as leaving residue with dbrand i haven't seen that I don't see it here, i haven't seen it on previous devices and i haven't seen it with some other skins but i wonder what your experiences has been? let us know in the comments below if you haven't subscribed already please share and like as always thanks for reading this is Aaron i'll see ya next time