Download Our Addon To Restart Macbook Pro When Black Screen

Macbook Black Screen FIX pc again so this is the second part of my vigil about temporarily fixing your macbook's that has a black screen the first part would be in my link description so check it out first before you proceed here ok so the second thing that we would do for the second part of the fix is to download a program called gfx card status ok so it will be provided also in my download link in the description so now look at first then install it so funny i already had installed a program so you would see an icon here after you finish installing ok so the first thing is to go to preference ok and check this one and check and check also the check for updates then check the little jail expert status so you're checking this one so that it would also start up when the metal SS finish loading up ok so you would check here that integrated on the option as you can see we are using the Intel HD graphics 4000 because the env job the second ship the second GPU is busted our has a problem that's why it's costing it for that's what's causing it to black out or having no display when you're starting up your Mac ok so this clip only is for the second GP and the dynamic switching is for other switching between intel HD and nvidia or AMD cards if you have on how to restart macbook pro when black screen
how to restart macbook pro when black screen
your mac so we will just this one indicated always so that it would not have any issue lagging starting or whatsoever so we could just backup the files back up the important values like we have and whatsoever that we need to be your Mac ok so i'm running this and you sing a macbook happening in the past 12 so as you could see the in our first vigil that you have done already as you can see the end with GP or is that indicated because it's off the glass I in the first guide and switch it switch now GPU to the graphics card the HD graphics card that's why it's working now but whenever it switches up its switch up to the image GPU it would really past problems so before getting your macbook in apple centers and of course they would find the plastic that it would cost you an extremely expensive box just repair or replace not motherboard you could check our facebook beach stage three pieces . com our Facebook that problems last htpc are in our each channel speech 3pc so i think that's it please share in chariots so this is that second part of the temporary fix for your macbook pro remember to download the program install and choose integrated only so after if you restart or shutdown this mac and Department process again just read the first part of the guide so you could get it working again ok guys thanks