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GUYS!!! IT JUST GOT SO HOT! IT FLIPPIN' CRACKED I HAVE JUST CRACKED. MY NEW IPHONE X. OH MY GOSH! WHAT THE HELL! (Singsongy) Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun. Dun Dun Dum DUMMMMMM I think that intro right there Perfectly sums up me. Just a little bit stupid. Hello guys and welcome back to my Channel today, im hittin' you guys with a banger as always THIS IS CRAZY OOOH! SHI-OOH that could have ended badly Mom? What? You'r... you're mopping in my guide *BEEP* THIS HAS BEEN THE WEIRDEST START TO A VIDEO EVER! And I like it If you're new here you probably thinking what the flip is this channel and to be honest this intro just perfectly sums it up It's just crazy Today I've got loads of exciting stuff planned including a crazy iPhone X experiment where I'm gonna get all of my subscribers to send me notifications All at same time and see if it crashes my phone, but before that seeing as mom Just interrupted the guide. I think... I think she deserves a prank for that may not be wearing the pranking merch I'm rippin the MH instead, but still the pranking is always in action, baby. Let's go! do you guys remember? (Over megaphone) Do you guys remember These bad boys yes, mom you're about to get the scare of your flippin' life Mum! Mum! Mum! Come down here, there's an emergency (Mom) Ugh, for goodness sake. What's the matter? I'm trying to do the wash AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! Oh my , oh my gosh mommy broke the water bottle. Oh my gosh why have you done that? Why did you do that when you broke the water bottle? It's going everywhere! Mom? I didn't really expect you to react like that, that was so off script) Well, what do you think? I got my arms full of stuff, and you just made me jump Look at the state in that laminate! Guys everybody comment down below hashtag justice for moms laminate. This is what I think you're loving it *Bottle crashes* I'm going Umm...Team Morgz... What a great start to the guide, baby *BEEP* Morning Puggo. Morning Bruno. How's your day's going? Good good for ya, that's cool. That's cool. What about you? Ayyy, what a legend. wait guys... I've got one question for you. What do you think to this hoodie? I'm wearing right now is the MH red one. I don't usually wear red guys. Am I rocking it good? Yo, you think it looks good puggo my flippin' G right there You're a legend bro you're a legend Morgan? Why have you brought that stupid thing with you? Don't use it in the car Wait, what stupid thing? (Angry mom) Morgan! Stop usin' that horn thing What do you mean horn thing? I don't know what you're on about YO mum, I think I know exactly what we need right now we need to get some music playing get some bangas' blowin'. Am I right? I think that's a good idea But I'm picking with my it's my turn to pick. Who are you gonna pick? Do you even know? I'm just gonna pick one of my favorite songs. I I mean I guess take.. go for it *Upbeat music plays* (Mom singing) Beautiful person Really is it really the best time to play that song. Well. I miss them morgan and it reminds me. Yeah well I miss it too, but I'm not gonna go blasting the song in the car for goodness sake Oh, that's not really why I imagined you were gonna play (whispers) Listen guys Round two AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!! *Laughs* Oh my Goodness Moms had a bit of a tumble Are you okay? I'M NOT OKAY, I'M SUFFERING. I'M SUFFERING *plays alarm over megaphone* I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! I'm speaking with my manager. You're speaking to your manager? I'm gonna go talk to my manager I can't take this anymore! Do something! IT'S HIM OR IT'S ME I CAN'T STAND IT WAIT MOM! MOM! MOM! HAVE MERCY!! NO. NOOOOOOO!!!!!! OOHHHHH MY GODD! *BEEP* I have no idea what just happened. It's ok clickbait where you can be my manager if you want, bro I'm sure you'll be a good manager so far this guide has been an absolute Flippin, I don't even know how to describe it It's been a weird one mum I think has actually had a full mental breakdown Clickbait is probably fired from his managerial role for more, but I don't even know what's going on up in here But one thing that is going down in this guide is the iPhone X? experiments expert at the iPhone experiment experiment Experiment now I've had my iphone X now for about 2 more about mo-well I mean I don't even know. Yeah about about 2 months. I think it's ok its a pretty good phone quite different from the last one however one thing that never changes With Apple products is they always lag and glitch and break and just mess up But especially when you get loads of notifications to a phone so I was like hmm What if I made all of team or I'm talking the insta squad the snap just was the You Tube Squad the Twitter squad wife we all teamed up at the same time and everybody spawned me with Notifications like in the pictures replying sending me messages Adding me just basically making my phone go crazy and guys that's exactly what I'm gonna do in this guide I have no clue what's gonna happen. Yeah, phone could get super hot and break It could like steam or I genuinely don't know what's gonna happen. It could just break I did we killing my phone you guys could be killing my phone I don't know what's gonna happen, but one thing's for sure. It's probably gonna be surprising and it's probably gonna mean I'm gonna have to get a new phone, so I'm kind of not looking forward But it's gonna be live now guys if you've already follow me on Twitter on snapchat on Instagram This is just another example that you are missing out you can talk to me You can be in the videos you can be involved in all this stuff if you add me on all the social Medias you guys know the links to them are always in the description below, but one specifically guys I literally got close to 500k on Instagram And I'm gonna be DMing everybody that adds me back and comments on the latest photo that you were sent from YouTube, but guys It's a llama Ellie right now I think a lot of people busy So I'm gonna pick a time when all the P morgues already like one know what's going down Life on the other need to spam me with notifications, and let's see if my phone's gonna break It probably will stay tuned guys this vlog is gonna keep going with her. Don't don't mom I'm trying to peaceful Play shake shake shake I Just came just up like you can back up break it away I just came to say have you heard what I'm doing in my guide today No, I'm getting all the team orgs to send me a notification at the same time to see if I can blow up my phone Wow we need a new phone, yeah It's just a spare wait wait what? It looks like it's made in like the 1800s about no Right okay, you guys better not blow my flippin phone boys Boys and girls it is time. We're team modes all team together, and we smash My flippin phone. I don't know what to do guys. I don't know whether should be how to stop imessage notifications on macbook
how to stop imessage notifications on macbook
excited nervous Happy sad my friend could potentially die right now. If you don't know what I'm doing already I have pulled all my social medias guys not just one Twitter squad Snapchat squad alter they all obliterate my phone with notifications at the same time Starting with snapchat guys as you can see it's more Hudson on snapchat. Of course.(Add me Torin1212685) And the Snapchat Squad consists of about 80,000 members moving over to Twitter guys on the Twitter squad As you can see Twitter is this one currently consists in a hundred sixty four thousand members and the big one guys the insta squad which consists of four hundred and ninety eight Thousand members quick sidenote you'll follow me on all of those especially Instagram Let's see if we can get the 500k followers after this guide goes on guys I wanna see all of you joining the insta-squad But yeah guys as you know I'm told all of my squads to hit up my phone at 8 p.m. In two minutes, and we're gonna see what happens guys. I'm filming right now Sparkly obliterate me into squads. Not just one obliterate me. Go go go go okay I'll put out the stories guys now all I've got to do is turn the Notifications on okay guys so I got my snapchat the first of the three social medias They are coming in so fast you guys can see the screen look These are all from under 20 seconds ago They literally are not stopping if we go over to Instagram we can loads at the end - this is Absolutely crazy get this out guys. I'm on my latest Instagram photo, and if you watch the light It just keeps going on a progression every second, and it will not stop going oh. Oh my gosh guys here They come here. They come check the top of my screen look at the top of my screen guys, haha Oh my goodness my twitter my twitter. We can't ask by everybody here No Instagram is going ham right now the insta squad are killing it check this out guys We've got it's not just for killing it the innocent squad killing it. This is ridiculous, okay? Okay, snapchat squad are here guys. I've just heard on status for notification. We've got one from Ellie. We've got ten years in this motel 19 new snapchat notifications not you started notifications. We've got insist what going out there in the meantime We've got the Twitter squad who will absolutely kill it as well look at this Marker listen to it my brain Well I'm actually scared my phone crushes a lot hold on it's been lucky, it's like city's like I'm scared mom. I'm flippin scared guys. If you don't understand what's actually going on right here We literally if we go to stock I can show you we've got people call it look at this should we open some more wine let's do it Better the one from Julie if we can actually manage to do it. There's so many people messaging it won't actually let me My Ex-husband anyone snapchats more this just too many too many yeah Literally too many it won't let me open anyone's do you think maybe I should blow on it Yeah, yeah, yeah Is that dude anything well as long as I still go away? I still go in in the means? I must take out Twitter see how many people are blowing me up on that guy's if we try it on Dimensions look at this shout out to everybody in the Twitter squad if you can see yourself right now You are an absolute legend booze booze Okay Okay, guys we experiencing some freezing right now. I'm not even surprised. I'm surprised it took this long We've broke the limit in two minutes, okay So how its Hall? Is it vibrating still is it's not sure it must have stopped by now it keeps going oh? My gosh guys. There's absolutely loads coming home move sixty two notifications Twitter is going hub. It feels like it's a buddy block a problem. Ah Ah What's happened, I don't know did you hear that crime hate crack? Why is it crying? Can you see a crack anyone the screen? No, it's not on the phone. Can you see a crack anywhere? Is it the back? Wait what!?!?! Its on the back!!! OH MY- NO! NO! NO WAY, NO WAY, NO WAY Guys it just got so hot it's flippin cracked. I have just cracked my new iPhone X Oh my gosh. What the hell? Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh mom look mom look mom look mom look Did you see that look at this mom? Oh my gosh? Oh my gosh? LOOK AT ALL THOSE NOTIFICATIONS Look at this It's not stopping. It won't stop it absolutely just will not. what have you done? I don't know what I've done I made a big mistake cries. I don't know what to do look at this Compass, this is literally going on for hours. Oh my god. Check this that is absolutely ridiculous, and that's only in the past minute wait wait wait wait ah It just crashed oh My word it just got what do we do? Mommy, just what happened it. Literally was crashed. Oh, no. He just crushed guys obviously I was only joking about the crime, but it literally just crushed Weibull it He's not turning on are you joking if you seriously broke the phone Seriously Morgan, I don't know what to do what can I do with that phone? Maybe I should just leave it an hour see if it's okay. What team won't calm down a little bit right? Yeah, I think I Underestimated the power of them like they just crashed my phone it got super hot And it was all my fault Guys I think I messed up like really bad Yeah, it's been about ten minutes Teemo's won't stop literally won't stop my phone will not stop vibrating. Oh my oh no Wow guys just to clarify guys my phone didn't actually crack however It did literally crash and get super hot to the point where I actually kind of hurt to touch It don't ask all your fans for sending notifications at one time because especially with Timo you guys are just too crazy But yeah, if you're new to the channel you have just witnessed the power of team box And if you're not already part of team orgs and you're missing out We are these young team All You Tube go down there smash that subscriber and also follow all my other social medias all links are in the Description baby and also get yourself some merch. I've been rapping the red M Hey, Tori this guide, but you've got pub life mg Zed loads more stuff Also the merge SWOT is gonna keep on growing and growing, too If you've not already got some you are Missing out grow and finally guys Comment down below what you want me to do next and if you want me to do this again Maybe but I honestly think we may have just broke 1 million Notifications or maybe at least hundreds of thousands because my phone it won't stop it literally has been doing this for the past 20 minutes straight the snapchat squad are Absolute flippin animals well. Yeah guys. Thank you sir for watching and as always I've been mold you guys been awesome And I will see you in my next guide peace out